Jamieĺ─˘s links in no particular order:

Dweeboĺ─˘s Stone Games : Addictive online Pente site. Lots of fun! Great community.

The Bleat : James Lilek's weekday blog. The rest of his site is very nostalgic.

Country Quiz : Take this 6 question quiz and find out what country you identify with.

Expedia Travel : Travel site - look up airfare, hotel deals, etc...

Geocaching : One of our hobbies. Modern day scavenger hunt played worldwide with GPS.

Lonely Planet : Travel site - research possibly trips, vacations, etc...

World Clock : I have this set for the locations around the world were we have friends and family. Since it's set with cookies in my computer, you'll need to set one up for yourself.

Travelocity : Great site for looking up airfare, hotels, car rentals, last minute deals, etc... I use "Fare Watcher" on this site to keep tabs on decent airfare for certain places we travel or want to travel to. Works great with a flexible schedule - esp. the "Last Minute Deals".

Weather : I like the 10 day extended forcast when we are planning for trips.

Underground Weather : I use their history feature in unison with the date and time stamps on our digital pictures. You'll see some of those links in the photos section.

Tole's Travels : Email updates of our friend's travel adventures. Click on the photos to get to his writings. They are too good not to share. You'll find links at the bottom of some of the pages to his photos. He's a true adventurer. Don't be shocked by the stories or photos. Tole has settled in Rwanda where he helped the locals build a vocational school.

AUvsUGA : Auburn and GA game photos from 2003.

Montpellier : Movie I made from Jamaica. I have a better version to put up later.

AJ and Gem's Road Trip : Friends' travel pics from MT to AK via Canada. AJ ended up staying in AK and Gem moved down to FL. Pretty extreme opposites. Better version later.

Yurt : Sarah's visit to her brother and his family. They live in a yurt! Better version later.

Rico on ReBoortz : Suave today. (03/15/04)