These are super-cool small form factor PCs that use non-AMD and non-Intel processors. The slower ones can run totally fanless. I haven't bought one yet so this page is really just lots of links to where I might buy and other references.

LOGIC Supply specializes in small, silent and stylish computer systems. They have a nice EPIA Matrix that compares various EPIA boards and a Case Matrix.

accupc also carries VIA products with good prices & shipping.

Monarch Computer Systems is in Atlanta so no shipping. The web site doesn't list all the EPIA stuff they have - for example they have the M6000 in stock for $120. The EPIA 5000 is cheap at $99.

Monarch also sells the nicest case for miniITX I've found so far. The Casetronic C134 for $155. eWiz has priceing for it too. That's a picture of it on the left. It's the same size as my external 5.25" Firewire enclosure! A review of it can be found here.

I'm leaning heavily towards a M6000 - the older boards don't have Firewire. I probably will use my EPIA as a media appliance and a portable server to take to friends houses so Firewire is key. Sadly I think Firewire under Linux isn't totally proven. :( USB2 isn't either from what I've read.

Cubid also make some nice cases. A good summary of miniITX cases and motherboards is here. The 36xx line are the smallest.

One of the issues with such tiny cases is they typically use 2.5" HDDs and what are called "slim" CD/DVD drives. The slim drives are expensive!

Some EPIA relates sites:

Some other small/silet relates sites: